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Artwork by Natalie Garrett now available!

  Well, this has been a long time coming, but I have finally listed some of my artwork for sale! It’s been six years since I graduated with my degree, and I am excited about listing some of my pieces. … Continue reading

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denver art museum

After living in the area for almost five years now, it’s about time we made it to the Denver Art Museum. The first Saturday of each month offers free admission and we were in the area, so we spent some … Continue reading

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thursday’s art 24 july 09

Here is this week’s pianting. I started it a bit late, I think it was around 7:30p, but I did manage to finish it and I don’t mind how it turned out. Tonight is John and Kristin’s rehearsal, tomorrow is … Continue reading

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thursday art post 05. 22. 08

So, this is another piece from several months ago. I started a painting this afternoon, but haven’t finished enough to post. I’ll try to get it up tomorrow. This one will have to do. These are the shoes I wore … Continue reading

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thursday art 05. 15. 08

My piece today isn’t quite as finished as I’d like it to be, but it’s coming along. I bought these veggies because I knew they would be good subjects. They have beautiful, rich colour and texture. I’m going to spend … Continue reading

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thursday’s art 05. 01. 08

I haven’t painted since I finished the cloud piece, so this picture is one I painted last year. My only excuse for posting an old piece is that the cloud painting is still wet and is sitting on both of … Continue reading

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thursday art 01. 31. 08

Here is the finished product. I love painting with oil washes and this piece was no different. Sorry about the glare from the lamp. This is a photo that Chris took while we were on our honeymoon in San Francisco. … Continue reading

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weekly installations

So, I have more big ideas. I want to keep up with drawing and painting, even though I’ve picked up sewing lately. I figure I’ll take it fairly slow, and make one piece each week. I want to have a … Continue reading

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a beautiful day.

Chris and I got married last year on this day. This is a painting I did of one of our photos. The following are some more of my favorite pictures of that beautiful day.

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